A few things I miss from 1.7.4

  1. Being able to pan with the trackpad without holding command
  2. System color palettes (not just a one-time import)
  3. Copy and paste styles from style bar
  4. Return or double click to enter text in any cell
  5. Shared widget library

More to come probably!

  1. This is because of the new scrolling possibilities within cells. We thought about switching the shortcut, so that holding command would be used to scroll within cells. As always there are differnt opinions about it :slight_smile:

  2. We think the new color management is much better and to keep expenses low, we decided not to implement full color palette support.

  3. Sorry for that. We know that it is useful, but due to technical problems we removed it and because there is the shortcut, we decided that the effort is not justified. Although it might seem strange, it is not just a tweak.

  4. The implementation of the text cell in the web version is not perfect yet, but because the nesting concept of html/css is a little different than the old Antetype model, it is not possible in the same way to have text and cells nested in another cell. We just removed the shortcut for now, but the proper re-implementation of the text cell is still to come.

  5. One of the next bigger things on our list, but with network sharing possibilities.

We are currently working on native JS implementation of the mouse selection and direct manipulation in edit mode. It will allow for using a new version of the web view. Especially for Big Sur this makes a huge difference regarding performance and will bring back stepless two-finger zoom and other rendering advantages.

My single biggest wish is for something like symbols, where Antetype prototypes could run and function in an encapsulated state inside other Antetype prototypes. My prototypes are becoming absolutely huge and unmanageable. This would help enormously.

That would be nice indeed. We are currently discussion to build widgets as web components what would allow for exactly this behaviour. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Web_Components

Re: panning with trackpad
Since opinions differ, it’d be great to have a preference. For me, panning around is much more common than scrolling in cells.

Re: no system color palettes

Is there a plan to offer global/shared colors?

Yes, together with the shared library.

For now, you can copy all colors from one document to another.