A Minor Antetype Update

Hello Antetype friends,

we’ve just released a minor update that will fix some things and improve some others:

Adding & Refining Some Antetype Details

  • Zoom your canvas with CMD + Scroll Wheel

  • Change between widget states from within the screen inspector’s context menu

  • Access a device’s camera by script in live preview

  • Added tooltips for interaction duration and animation delay

  • Increased rounded corner value limit (so you aren’t limited to 100)

  • Fixed 3 rare issues that could lead to a blank canvas or crashes

  • Fixed 4 visual bugs where elements weren’t displayed correctly when dragging them on the canvas

Uploading to Antetype Cloud Made Easier

  • It’s now allowed to use slashes in Cloud prototype names

  • Improved progress bar for uploading prototypes

  • Projects are now sorted alphabetically in the upload window

As usual: You can find all details sorted on the changelog page as well.