A More Natural Model for Reshape and Drag

I have amalgamated everything that has been posted about reshape and drag behaviour in the forum and created a little model to demonstrate some of the remaining problems.
This has mainly to do with the dragged object being nested inside a number of parent cells I think but some of the behaviour would benefit from some fine tuning. These scripts originated from some examples that @fizfaz created a while ago. I think with a little tweaking, a more natural dialog/window resize behaviour could be achieved. Hopefully, interested users could use this thread to incorporate it into their prototypes.

Here is a little movie and the Antetype example I created.
These are the main issues:

  • Resize from bottom corners and side edges works but when the mouse overshoots, the reverse mouse movement will drag the edge, before the mouse returns to it.
  • Dragging the left vertical handle right will move the dialog if dragged beyond the min-width threshold
  • Dragging the top edge or the top corners will result in unpredicted upwards movement.

Thanks for any help with the js.

Reshape.atype.zip (2.1 MB)

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