A way to navigate canvas (pan navigation is not working)

Is there a new way to pan now?
Because I navigate by zooming in/out and scrolling on the touchpad when I can get the pointer out of the canvas (scrolling doesn’t work inside).

if you hold down the ⌘ (command)-key scrolling works if the cursor is above the canvas.

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I think it’d be great if there was a preference to flip the behavior.

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Hello everybody,
I have similar problems navigating. Up and down works with the mouse wheel. Command key or Spacebar does not work. And moving the canvas in the horizontal does not work at all. Even if I try to reduce the antetype window to force the horizontal scrollbar. This appears briefly and disappears immediately.

does it help to display the scrollbars always? The setting is available in the General Pane in the System Preferences:

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it was set to “when scrolling”.
Change the setting back to “Automatic …” when working with Antetype.