Add "copy link to current screen" button in toolbar

Adding starting= is handy but hidden for non-power users and requires counting for all users.

Nice idea, we will discuss it.

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This is becoming an urgent need. Basically anything you all can do to make it easier to go to and comment on individual screens in prototypes is very important right now as a buffer against Figma. In this case, my team wants to link to screens in tickets rather than post mockups that get outdated. Adding that copy button makes it much less embarrassing than telling people to count the number of screens starting from zero.

Also it would be much better if each screen had a unique ID in the event new screens get added or the ordering changes.

Makes sense, we’ll put a higher priority on that.


A stopgap improvement here would be to add the number of each screen to the menu.

We’ve implemented the URL update if the screen is changed. The URL to the active screen can then be copied. Currently it still relies on the number. Will be released soon.

Excited to try it out when it’s released!

Now available Antetype Update: Improved Cloud Experience

We will improve it by binding it to screen IDs instead of the index in an upcoming release.

Great, thank you for the present and future!

Just noticed the new screen IDs!

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