Add `scale` property

It’d be nice also if the bounding box reflected the altered size/position (wonky right now with CSS).

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You mean when you change the size of a cell via CSS, you want to see its correct size in the inspector? Oh, yes please!

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You mean like the CSS transform:scale() function?

Do you mean the blue-border for selected cells? Just tried it out, and yes looks like a regression in the last update (if using transform:scale(). Noted it in our issue tracker.

then we would need to display it also for fixed-values, maybe only if it differs from the entered value :thinking:

That’s actually what I meant. If I set a cell to manual, 100px but I specify min-width: 120px in the css field, its width will change but the inspector will show the value that was set in the UI. Maybe you could show the actual value but in a different colour or in bold print or badged with a CSS glyph or something.

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