Add to UI: saturate and scale

Here are a few letters to satisfy Discourse

I am not sure if that is what you mean, but if you are looking for a HSB/HSL Color Picker, that already exists, although it is pretty hard to find. If you click the area AROUND the RGB input fields you can toggle them to a HSB input. (On that note: Why is RGB the default here? Who mixes RGB values in their head and then enters the numbers for a desaturated yellow? And who generates Variations of that color in their head? It is way easier to pick a Hue and then define the Saturation and brightness, both for initially picking a color and for creating variations of it.)

If you mean something else you might want to clarify a bit since the title gives very little information on what it is that you actually wish for (unless you already discussed this with the AT team through email and only made this post so they can keep track of it?)

Thanks for that tip, but I am actually referring to these CSS properties: