Adding colorsssss

Hi, I’m finally starting to use Antetype Web after 3+ years on 1.7.4! One thing that befuddled me every time I opened up Web every now and then over the years and is now doing so again is, how do I add colors? I found this script, which works for my purposes, but I’m really curious how to add a color manually!

Hi Ben, great to see you moving over to Antetype Web :slight_smile:

You just have to choose your color from the picker and then click the + icon below the list. You can then change and update or delete it later on by the other icons.

More information about color management cab be found here Antetype Color-Handling and in the video.

Ah, no wonder I couldn’t figure it out; I don’t see those buttons! Do you know why they wouldn’t be showing up?

I just figured out that this is a Big Sur issue. The buttons are there, but not visibile. If you hover over the area where the buttons normally are, tooltips will show up.

We hope to release a fix for this soon.

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we just released an update which shows the missing controls on Big Sur.

Thanks for raising the issue and welcome to Antetype Web :slight_smile: