Allow dragging new/changed resources to the image chooser?

I would find it very convenient if I could drag new resources to the image chooser instead of having to go to the resource inspector. I have the image chooser on my other screen and that is where my svgs land when I issue them from Illustrator. I always try to drag my svgs to the image chooser but that does not work. Antetype wants me to drag them to the resource inspector. So I have to go back to Antetype, open the inspector, drag the svgs there. This is something I repeat hundreds of times a day. I love the fact that I can replace images (even svgs with pngs that have the same name) but it could be more convenient. Ultimately, I guess I would prefer it if I could link to the images in the finder rather than having to import them.

I guess this only would be an import, or would you expect to select the newly imported image?

If it was the chooser, I would expect to be able to select it as well. Alternatively, you could allow dragging a resource anywhere to import it.