Annoying scrolling when switching between screens

I am not sure of the logic of the position of the pages. They seem somehow missaligned.

I position a screen A in the middle of the viewport by scrolling. I switch to screen B. The initial state of this one is misscentered. I scroll screen B to place it in the middle of the viewport. I switch to screen A. I seems that the scrolling of screen B happened in both screens; now half of screen A is outside of the viewport.

This is very annoying, because I spend I lot of time scrolling, especially if I don´t have an apple mouse and I have to click on the scrollbar in order to scroll horizontally.

Thanks for your|attachment (4.4 MB)

The scroll position and zoom level are synchronized across all screens. There is a bug where they are not properly aligned. This is caused by manually resizing the canvas, so if you only change the screen sizes in the Inspector, they should be aligned. Anyway, we have a script to reset the screen origin, maybe that will help you.
Reset Screen (925 Bytes)

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Thanks, how do I execute a script?

You can add new scripts by copying them to the scripts folder. The folder can be accessed from the plugins menu.

In the most recent version there should already be a “center screen” script in the plugins menu. To execute it, just choose the respective menu entry.

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Agreed, this behavior is very very annoying.

Movie: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2021-02-07 at 6.51.53 - Simplify your life

File: Dropbox - NF Standards - Simplify your life

Reset Screen (915 Bytes)

a little update for the script: rebuilds the current visible screen to honor the reset origin.

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Any chance we could have an option to reset the screen position to the top of the screen upon navigating to another screen?

to make sure I understand you correctly.

Current behaviour: If I have the screen scrolled on one screen (here using the Carbon Design template):

and switch to the next one, the scroll-position stays:

whereas your suggestion would have the scroll position reset like this one?:

I’m not entirely sure what your screenshots are conveying. Here is a video showing I have to scroll up when navigating between long screens. I don’t want to have to do that.

The link contains a lot of files :slight_smile: do you mean Screen Recording 2022-08-16 at 8.51.33

Yes, sorry, copied the wrong link!

I will discuss this with the team. If I understand it correctly, if you add an action which scrolls to top at “screen load”, it works as you like. See the following example (a click on a cell switches to the other screen):

scrolltop (392.0 KB)

// scroll to the top

document.scrollingElement.scrollTop = 0 

Thanks! Yep, that is what I’m looking for.

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