Antetype 3.2: Better legibility, new App Icon, faster & sharper

Hello friends,

a new Antetype version has just been released:

Antetype improvements:

  • More legible controls: Increased size of controls to make them easier to read, especially on high-resolution displays
  • Faster loading speed for screens
  • App Icon changed to macOS’ standard square to delight some designers’ hearts
  • Sharper and bigger prototype previews on Antetype Cloud

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Fixed control alignment in style inspector
  • Fixed crash when a cell without a name is selected
  • General crash log collection and submission improved
  • 11 other minor or technical improvements

Have a great weekend everyone!


It does not open. I con log into the cloud but not the app. It says “Record not found”.

Do you mean “log into the cloud” in the application or in the browser?
Just tried it with different accounts and had no problems.

Browser. That works but I cannot get into the app.

iirc that means it could not find an user with the given e-mail, but both browser and the app are using the same backend :thinking:

When I click “Sign Up”, I go straight to the cloud interface and get logged in. It’s just the app keeping me out.

Do you happen to have Little Snitch or some other blocking mechanism running?

nothing of the sort.

All sorted now thanks to some dogged troubleshooting by the dev team. It was my DEV version wanting to use the DEV cloud URL. Thanks all!

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