Antetype 3.9.1 released

3.9.1 Bug fixes

  • The last update introduced a regression (after using the rubberband, selection was broken on the screen)
  • Speedup of live layout for complex prototypes
  • Fixes for guides after nesting cells on the canvas

3.9 Highlights

Commenting & Collaborating

Gather feedback where it belongs: With Antetype Cloud, it is now possible to add comments to prototypes. Not just anywhere but at the specific element you want to talk about – so everyone knows where to look.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with the new Enterprise Plan

Our new enterprise plan just went live for added security, comfort and support. With it, it is now possible to log-in via Single Sign-On so all your team mates can use their usual login credentials. Update from within your company settings on Antetype Cloud to experience it first hand.

Improved Live Layout & Other Fixes

Additionally, we’ve improved the on-canvas ordering, nesting & editing elements visually – including better snapping of elements in free layout. This update also delivers other bug fixes for minor inconveniences so Antetype is even easier to use.


Congrats on a major milestone! Looks like a great implementation.

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