Antetype Advanced, Usability Improvements & Upcoming Major Features

Hello Antetype friends,

we just released an update for Antetype with some interesting features:

Going Advanced with Antetype

We welcome all new users that joined recently – and we do so with a new interactive tutorial: Advanced Getting Started (Select it from ⌘ + N) will bring your layout and prototyping onto a new level.

Usability Improvements

Mouse users watch out: You can now hold down the spacebar to pan around your designs.

We also accelerated your Upload to Cloud speed: Prototypes will now upload more reliable so you can share them even faster.

Selecting elements on the canvas did some funny things in rare cases. We fixed them for everyone’s convenience.

Coming Soon: Collaboration and Single Sign On :flushed:

Additionally, quite a few big changes happened that we can’t talk about yet in detail. A major update is coming soon! It will change the way you work in teams with Antetype. It will enable meaningful collaboration and ensure consistency – and you’ll be able to use your company credentials to login and use Antetype with SSO.

If you want to be on the Beta list to test upcoming features before they are released, send a quick mail to

As usual: You can check all changelogs in our documentation.