Antetype update: Native ARM support, new Cloud features and more

Hello friends,

happy to tell you: Antetype now has native support for Apple Silicon.
This means, you’ll be using Antetype 39 % faster on your new M1 Mac!

Also adds new features for you to use Antetype Cloud directly from within macOS.

Thanks for everyone reporting bugs and suggestions here on Discourse.
We’re glad you’re helping :blush:

Have a great weekend,

Feature updates:

  • 39 % faster performance though Native Apple Silicon (ARM) support (On average on new Macs, compared to Rosetta).
  • More options from within the “upload to Antetype Cloud” dialog:
  • Change existing prototype’s name
  • Upload as a new prototype (i.e. ignore existing uploads of the same file)

Minor changes and fixes:

  • “Navigate through hierarchy” shortcuts now also work in your style inspector: Tab / Shift-Tab / Cmd-Up arrow / Cmd-Down arrow to move through elements
  • Improved performance of complex cell hierarchies and operations
  • Fixed missing widget preview
  • Fixed minor 100 % stretch layout bug
  • Other layout improvements
  • 12 other minor bug fixes and improvements

39 % faster. 200 % more fun! :clap: good work.