Antetype Update released

we just released an update. See below for the changes

Fixed Bugs

  • Password not saved if it was wrong (#700)
  • Text is removed from clipboard after paste (#320)
  • Fix Guides are sometimes wrong if the element is resized with shift as a modifier (#578)
  • Added tests for vertical guides(#614)
  • Toolbar Button for in-place mode is initially “Preview” and changes to “Present In-Place” after Start/Stop (#693)
  • Fixed -Multi selection and move with arrow keys multiplies value with number of selected elements (#691)
  • Fixed Resizing: Shift+Option ist currently not working for corner handles (#642)
  • Added Live Preview menu (#210)
  • Fixed copyright in the About dialog (#704)
  • Value not set via popover (#607)
  • Fixed sending crash reports from other programs (#705)
  • In-Place Presentation Mode: Run Mode not possible after open popover (#708)
  • Updated Support Center URL (#713)

just released an update which should finally fix the Changing fill image with inline popover bug. Apart from that no other changes were made.

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