Antetype Update

A new version of Antetype is available. The new version does not come via the automatic in-app update. You have to download and install it manually here:

After that, the automatic update will work normally again for further releases.

The new version brings some new features and fundamental changes.

Antetype Account
At the first start you have to create an Antetype account on and log in. With the account you can use the Antetype Mac app for free and have access to the Antetype Cloud. To fully use the Cloud a license is required. More information about the cloud can be found here

New templates
We have created some new templates, which you can see under Examples in the Template Chooser. In addition to Material and Carbon, there is now an iOS Library under Libraries. The old templates and libraries have been deleted.

New WebView
We implemented a new WebView to render the prototypes. Besides much better performance, the new WebView solves some problems, like the partly wrong display of shadows and moving cells in the Free Layout. In addition Pinch to Zoom is available again.

Currently, cells in the flow layouts cannot be moved on the canvas in the new WebView. But we will implement that next. Please use the tree to move the cells.

How-Tos: How to build a specific element?
For Antetype newbies, besides the user manual and tutorials, there are now also some How-Tos, which we will expand in the future:

Update for the iOS App
The app is working again! Get it on the App Store!

Since there were some basic changes under the hood, the user preferences can not be taken and you may have to accept the network traffic for Antetype on the first start again, so that the internal server works.

We are also approaching the release of the new Antetype website with big steps. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Have fun with the update!

Your Antetype Team


What about the DEV version? Can I continue to use it? The download seems to point to the release version.

Yes, just ignore the upgrade message in this version. The next update for the DEV will work again as normal.

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