Antetype Web: another update

we just released an update:

:antetype-new: Neue Antetype Web-Version

Bug fix release

Issues fixed

  • Clicking in the gray area (sourrounding the screen) while Script-Popover was open
    resulted in a broken selection (cell-selection stayed, but Interaction inspector
    did not show the defined actions). (#674)
  • Undo was did not work in the script-action-popover (#669)
  • If a widget contained a gradient-background in the normal state, and color-backround
    in a pseudo-state (Pressed, Mouse Over): the background changed only in in-place-presentation-mode
    and not in Live Preview/Web Viewer (#668)
  • The name of the script-action did contain the whole script, now only the first line (#670)
  • Sometimes pseudo-states did not work correctly, we now make sure to only transfer needed properties
    to the Browser (#234)
  • Undo was broken after deleting scroll/repeat/key-events and undoing the delete (#671)
  • Fixed two crashes which could happen if cells were moved with the arrow-keys (#679)
  • Property-Change-Actions are working correctly again with after-previous (was broken in the last update) (#662)
  • Copy and “Export Selected Objects as Graphic” are now using the native-screen-resolution