Apple Silicon support?

I just got a new MacBook Air, and so I was wondering when Antetype would be a universal binary. Seems to run fine with Rosetta, though.

Of course we will support Apple Silicon natively. When we received the pre-release MacMini with an Apple Silicon processor we could successfully build a native version, but had to disable F-script and CocoaScript (used for plugins), and Sparkle (used for updates).

The biggest issue we face is our usage of F-script for our plugins: looks like we have to port it ourselves which will be a bigger task. (Or remove the support of F-script … :crying_cat_face: )

That would be sad to lose F-script! You’ve used it to help me several times going all the way back to the Get Satisfaction days :slight_smile:

Are there any alternative scripting solutions you could switch to?

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:slight_smile: yes indeed.

well, we already support JavaScript, but F-script has a far deeper integration with the Objective-C-runtime. So far I only looked briefly what has to be done, I am sure there will be a solution.