April Update released

Release Notes

  • Template chooser has been cleaned up and there is a new category libraries, which contains material and carbon templates
  • Colors are sortable in color inspector ( #282 )
  • HTML links from the exported web viewer work again ( #309 )

Template Chooser

The Template Chooser has been cleaned up and there is a new category called Libraries. Templates for Material Design and Carbon Design are available there at the moment. Feel free to give us feedback.

If you still see old categories in the template chooser, you have to fix this manually, because we can’t delete the whole template folder.

To do this, navigate in the Finder to /Users/max.mustermann/Library/Application Support/com.antetype.Antetype-Web-Preview and delete the templates folder. After a restart of Antetype the folder will be created again.


A first version of the documentation is available at https://docs.antetype.com/.
It is still work in progress. Many topics are not yet filled with the final content.
In the future we will also provide tutorials and how-to’s there.

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We just released another update:

Fixed Bugs

  • The macOS Big Sur Update 11.3 did some changes in WebKit which broke CSS-generation in Live Preview and exported WebViewer if float was used. See also discourse. (#362)
  • The Resize-mode in the exported Web Viewer used wrong min/max-sizes for the screen.

Hopefully the last one:

Fixed Bugs

  • We found two more issues with CSS-generation on macOS 11.3 (cells with float property and free-layout) (#367)