Big Sur-Update released

we just released an update with improved Big Sur compatibility:

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Crash after opening “Bread & Butter” template (or documents containing only one unused image)
  • Export WebViewer: view with our controls was to big, the file parts after expanding the save dialog were missing
  • Template chooser-buttons looked like disabled
  • Removed all grid-lines in style inspector
  • Clipped On/Off-Switch in Shadow-Popovers
  • Interaction-inspector changed style of Script-Button (which looked disabled)
  • Interaction toggle in screen inspector: missing contrast

Knwon Issues on Big Sur

  • Wrong layout of the accessory-view in export Web-Viewer dialog if Antetype was opened the first time and the expand-button is pressed
  • The Recipes-Example shows some rendering artifacts (only in Antetype itself, not in other browsers).

What about ARM/Apple Silicon?

This version runs fine using the Rosetta emulation. We are in the process to supply a native version (which also will take advantage of other Big Sur-changes like the new window look without a separate title bar, etc.)

we just released another update which fixes the missing controls in the color popovers. See Adding colorsssss.

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Color controls (add/remove etc.) in the color popovers were missing on Big Sur