Breakpoint state selection

I know I’ve moaned a lot about breakpoint states, and I think I’ve figured most of it out. But one thing that would make my life a lot more pleasant is if, when selecting a widget, the state for the current breakpoint is consistently the one that is selected for editing. Seemingly 90% of the time, the “opposite” (I generally only have 2 breakpoints) is selected, making editing pretty annoying.

We started an experiment where

  1. Selecting a breakpoint-state in the style-inspector switches the screen to the particular breakpoint
  2. Don’t save a breakpoint-state as an active state (the one with a checkmark in front) but always store the one from the “default breakpoint”.

IIRC we only managed to implement the first step. The second would fix your problem, I guess. And would make it more in line with how it really behaves, since you can only use a breakpoint-state if its breakpoint is active anyway…

That sounds interesting, but I think I’d be satisfied with what I described for now. Just always select the current breakpoint’s version of a state.