Bug-Fix Update released

Bug fix release

Issues fixed

  • Export-screen was broken if visible/invisible-in view port events were used (#736)

  • Sometimes deleting a state did not completely remove the corresponding CSS, resulting in for example unexpected mouse-over changes (#737)

  • Changing the resizing mode of a cell in horizontal box-layout needed a reload to show the changes (#733)

  • Fixed wrong layout in horizontal box-layout cell (#731)

  • The “Merge Changes”-dialog after copying widgets across documents, did sometimes not appear resulting in a unexpected merge (#713)

  • Fixed wrong layout of stretch-cell in container with stack-layout (#675)

  • The screen-popup in the WebViewer now opens correctly

  • Styling fixes for the WebViewer Spec-Inspector

  • Fixed missing images in the WebViewer for Chrome Canary and Firefox (#711)

  • Cross-document copy/paste merge changes dialog sometimes displayed widgets which are not changed (#743)