Bug-fix update + Web Viewer enhancement

Release notes


  • WebViewer: open a specific screen (not the first one). Just add a #ScreenNumber to the URL. ..../index.html#2 would open screen #2 (#336)

A little example to illustrate the feature: Here we embed the prototype using #2 appended to the URL, to directly open the second screen: (using the template “Mobile Prototype v2”):

<iframe src="https://antetype.com/discourse/mobile-prototype-v2/index.html#2" width="375" height="812"></iframe>

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Added “Cleanup Widgets”-script (#1068)
  • If screens were deleted while the export Web Viewer or Screens as Image-Panel was visible resulted in a crash (#1043)
  • Added nil-check before transferring an image resource to the browser side (#1065)
  • Sometimes if an embedded widgets was used more than once in a widget the update did not work correctly (#983)
  • Missing update in State Change Animation part of interaction inspector if states added/removed (#705)
  • Make sure references to other widgets are removed for embedded widgets too. (#1068)
  • Fixed background for gradients with non-opaque colors (#1700)
  • Remove unused widgets sometimed did delete used widgets (#546)
  • Deleting cell/widget now correctly deletes overwritten colors used only in the cell/widget (#1067)
  • Correct layout-icons in the stylebar (#900)
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