Bug: Replacing web viewer files

If you replace an existing exported web viewer folder, it adds “index 2.html” etc. files instead of replacing the whole folder

just to be sure, Export > Web Viewer, choose an existing Web Viewer-folder and “Replace” in the following alert? :

and here you get “index 2.html” etc?

Yes. I’m currently unable to reproduce, but it has happened multiple times in the past. Will update here if I figure out what triggers it.

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Don’t know why it happened, but it just did so again (I have gotten in the habit of just deleting the folder instead of replacing to avoid this issue but didn’t do so this time)

ah the folder is inside a “iCloud”-drive. Might be that iCloud synchronizes the old content back to its location. Thank you for the report, we will investigate maybe we can use another way to save the content …

Can’t reproduce either. It is probably related to syncing.