Bug: Saving last used screen

Antetype doesn’t seem to be saving the last viewed/edited screen. Video and file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a0qbkxwihuk2vz/Saved%20screen.zip?dl=0

Big Sur

yes this did work in the old versions. Thank you for the report.

:thinking: is the file converted from a previous Antetype version?

Yes, it is converted.

I tried copying all the screens to a new file to start fresh but ran into this Bug: copying screen turns everything black :sweat_smile:

I looked into the issue: New files do not store the last used screen (which looks like a bug to me). But we use the “last used screen” from converted files. That is it will always start with the last used screen in the stable/beta-version before conversion :flushed:

just committed a fix for this issue, available now in the DEV-version.

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