Can we exclude some clickable areas from showing up on holding option?

The function to hold down the option click to highlight clickable areas is useful but my prototype uses most areas to intercept clicks for closing menus. So, in my prototype everything just lights up. (We do not have a “click outside” event!). Just saying, that’s a shame because this is a really useful thing to have. How does everybody else use this feature?

Click outside would be a great addition!

Or a general screen listener.

what do you mean by a screen listener?

Would definitely be useful to have a “click outside” event or something similar.

By screen listener I mean a way to say “if this thing happens, do this” without having to attach it to an action on a specific element.

I have found a way around this (for menus) now and it is working beautifully (thanks to some invaluable help from @dominic.lill): Use a rectangle inside your menus that you set to float and fixed, stretch horizontally and vertically so it covers the whole screen. (Just give any menus a z-index of 1 or 2.) The extra rectangle listens to left-click and closes the open menu. Done. I can now use the alt key to show which buttons are clickable.

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What is the modifier key on a Windows system to highlight clickable areas?

“Alt” is used on a PC

Hmm. Sure it’s not broken? Ok I didn’t get that to work on my virtual machine so I had to ask. Thanks!

I will check tomorrow. Don’t have a virtual or real windows machine at hand.

just for the record: it is not working correctly on a windows machine. Tested with Chrome, we found the following issues:

Holding alt key only highlights the areas if the screen is focused. But after that the menu button of the browser gets focused.

Also, holding the alt key causes the overlays to become solid instead of transparent.