Can't assign 0.5px via the UI (except custom css)

Antetype doesn’t allow to assign values < 1px via style inspector and quick bar.
However, I can assign it via custom CSS.
But that feels unnecessarily complicated for simple things like a divider.
Is there a reason for this behavior?


There is no specific reason, but half pixels used to be rendered only in Firefox and Safari (at least for border). Besides, it is only visible on a retina display. I write it down as a feature request.

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I have asked for this as well. BTW half pixels are rendered for some styles in Chrome: for example instead of border, you can use box-shadow. Margin and Padding seems to be honoured in half pixel increments now in latest Chrome. I have hopes they will fix the border property as well because it just doesn’t make sense to suppress it. So, there is an actual use case for Antetype to support this. There is no Apple hardware with single resolution displays any more now (save for those who held on to their old display, like you and me :slight_smile: )

FWIW, here is a clipping from a crossplatform prototype using half pixel borders for Windows menus: