Changing state for several hundred widgets

I need different widgets to switch from “Normal” to “State 1” so that the prototype starts with that state. During runtime, I change the state with an action but how can I switch all these widgets so that their initial state is “State 1”?

while editing or in the prototype? For editing you have to use (multi-)selection and change the state. For the prototype you can use a “Load Screen”-action to change the state (using “All Widgets of the Same Type”-modifier). Does this help?

It’s while editing. I don’t want to use a “Load Screen” action because the prototype will still load with the wrong states active and then switch over. It’s a good solution for small prototypes but the one I am looking at is in the 200 MB ballpark. I want to set these widgets to be in the other state when the prototype loads. Is there a way? If there was a mechanism whereby I could select all widgets of the same type in the tree view that would do it.

Select All Widgets of the Same (761 Bytes)

This plugin should do the trick:

  1. select on widget
  2. execute the script

→ all widgets of the same type are selected on this screen

just tested it in a bigger file: I think I have to optimize it … :snail: . What helps: “hide selection” before executing the plugin, but changing the state for hundreds of widgets is slow …

Yes, it’s slow but it’s a lot faster than doing it manually. It’s actually done what I needed. THANKS!

Actually, selecting the widgets was OK. Changing the state for all of the selected widgets is REALLY slow.

I just noticed that that is what you said, Felix. Sorry, too many things at going on at the same time.

Yup. Some severe bookkeeping going on there…

:flushed: as a quick fix we could change the active state without any GUI/canvas update:

Change state of all this (899 Bytes)

  • select one widget
  • change this widget to the state
  • execute the script

(does basically the same, as manually, but simply rebuilds the whole screen afterwards which is faster and takes less memory)

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That worked REALLY fast. And it’s actually much more elegant because it only requires one step. It should be included as a standard. I have needed this so many times…
Thanks again for all your help!

@fizfaz could you think of a way of updating Widgets faster as well? I have just been waiting 12 minutes for my project to update. That’s too long. I’m fighting against a deadline. :hot_face: