Colors don't work

I have a file with colors I imported using your script and I’m trying to use them on the box in Practice refresh (624.1 KB)

But though the style bar shows my blue, as does the palette, the box shows only the default colors. Any ideas?

EDIT: I’ve just returned to the file and things are now working :man_shrugging:

Hmm, can’t reproduce it here. It happens from time to time that something is not directly reflected on the screen after you changed it. Most of the time it then helps to reload the screen using the context menu entry.

We got rid of most of these issues, but some are still in there, so it is always good to report, although they are not reproducible.

Just had an occurrence where a cell I pasted on one screen was showing up on another (but not reflected in cell hierarchy). Reload fixed it, but these types of bugs are pretty disruptive and distressing.

We are not seeing things like these often, but they are still happening. If possible, please try to reproduce it. We will give these issues the highest priority.