Considered a name change?

I see you have yet another new logo, which brought to mind a thought I had a while ago. Have you ever considered changing the name of the app? I’ve always thought semi-seriously that the name might have held the app a bit back from popularity over the years. For English speakers, “Antetype” is a bit awkward and confusing to pronounce, and it also sound similar to “anti”, which is negative. Just a random thought! If you’re looking for ideas, might I suggest “Enterface” :grinning:

@bendansby you are voicing a thought that I have had in the back of my mind but it never surfaced. Yes, Anti-Type is an unfortunate association that the name invokes.

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Hi there,
Chris from Marketing here.
Really happy you saw the logo change that fast – and even commented on it.

We did discuss Antetype’s name recently.
And we will keep it (for now – you never know :smiley:), because we really feel confident the pro’s outweigh the con’s:
Some users or early contacts might pronounce it as “Anti-type”, but hopefully others will correct them on it. And to be honest: People talking about it either way aren’t a bad thing. That also means we are reaching people not just by words and online but also offline via word-of-mouth.

On the other hand, Antetype communicates rather easily that it’s used for building prototypes to designers. That’s quite a good thing: Knowing what it’s about while also being unique and might even cumbersome to pronounce in the beginning.

We’re optimistic, Antetype as a name will work fine to get Antetype as a software going soon!

Still, we liked and also had a good laugh about “Enterface” in the team, thanks for that :joy:
(It also feels a little funny in German: “Ente” means duck. So could be some variant of “duck face” :smiley:)

I’m interested in your perspective here, if you don’t mind me asking:
How do you feel pronouncing it after using it for a long time? Still weird? Rather unnoticeable?
How do you pronounce it in daily usage? “Ante type”? “Anti type?”
Maybe even a little pause in between the two parts?

And on a another lighter note and to add to the collection of useless facts:
Antitype even is a rather old but real word.

something that is foreshadowed by a type or symbol, as a New Testament event prefigured in the Old Testament.

Now if that isn’t something great, being predicted by the Old Testament! :smiley:
It might create a few good jokes in the future as well!

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Hi Chris! I think my feeling on the name has always been along the lines of, “people might be slightly confused about what I just said, both because the name is a bit odd and the software is not well known.” I initially pronounced it “ante” but my colleague started saying “anti” so now I switch back and forth! Well, at least it’s good for SEO, right?

Oh, I thought of another one along the lines of Enterface: Interphase! No charge :wink:


would be in the great “Inter-”-tradition of Lisp (Interlisp, Interleaf … ): :slight_smile:

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and Interzone Interzone (book) - Wikipedia

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