Convert to widget loses action

When I convert the blue “Rectangle” to a Widget, the check box forgets which widget it was associated with. This has improved a lot since the last update but there seems to be an edge case here where it still fails. Can you confirm?
Convert to Widget Loses (278.6 KB)

yes I can confirm, it looses the reference to the “Drop Shadow Button”, thanks for reporting!

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We just committed a fix for this bug in our development-branch. Should be in the next update.

Yeehaa. Thanks SO much!

And I can now change the system font in the quick bar. A bug I never reported! Good riddance :beetle:
Thanks :relaxed:

Have CSS overrides stopped working? I need an element to be 8.5px wide. Antetype only does whole pixels but for Retina, this used to be my fallback. Not working now.
[edit] Max-width is working. Maybe it did before.

Depending on the resizing of the cell (and the layout of the container) width might have no effect. But CSS overwrite is still for me.

Are you planning to support half pixels/retina?

what is your use-case for half pixels? The problem with non-integral values is always a blurry rendering (on non-retina). Since the browser does the rendering we have no control for “pixel-snapping” (like we did in the old pre-web Antetype).

What we would like to do is use the more flexible CSS values (like percentage for all number-values, relative to view-port etc.) for all values, getting rid of flex-resizing. But on the other hand we do not want to let the users learn css :slight_smile:

Retina UI components use a lot of half pixel lines and offsets. Obviously, you have to decide which version you want to look good but with more and more users having high resolution monitors, the choice is easy.