Copying and pasting widgets conflict

When I copy and paste widgets from one document to another, the latter of which I have created using an earlier version of the former, this dialog appears and there is nothing I can do to prevent my widgets from getting merged. I wish for another option “Rename” to stop widgets getting overwritten.

What I don’t understand in particular is why this still happens if I paste that widget into a new document and rename it in the widget inspector. Is that name not relevant to what Antetype thinks is the identity of the widget?

Antetype uses a internal ID and not the name. You can create a new widget if you select an existing one, and choose “Create Widget”:

More options in the “Paste and Merge Widgets”-process are definitely needed, but unfortunately it is not an easy task. The structure of the widgets and the instances (in the screenshot above the “Switch”-cell on the screen) have to be in sync to allow the whole widget-update/revert functionality.

Does this help?

Yes, that is what I am doing. I took me ages to get there because I had assumed that widgets would get nested inside each other if you select an existing widget and then run the “Create Widget” command. it is very important to note that that does never happen.