Copying or exporting element with element behind it

If I export a selected cell, any part of other cells that are visible within its bounding box is also exported, even though the other cells are not children of that cell.

yes, unfortunately we did not find a reliable way to support real export of cells like before using the web-platform. Therefor we settled for now with the current way (which does more or less a screenshot).

Could you fake it by temporarily hiding every other element?

mmmhm, maybe, I have to try it. In the old Antetype it was easy, we just rendered the elements without layouting in an image, now we have less control.

Do you need the export as an asset (for development) or specification?

Need it for an asset

The body of the page will probably always be in the background, so real transparency won’t be possible.

We will have to figure out, how important exporting transparent assets really is. We had this request only 1-2 times recently, so it didn’t get a high priority.

We recently found a workaround for this:

Open the screen in Safari via Live Preview. Then ctrl-click on the element you want to export and choose “Inspect Element”. In the Safari Web Inspector the element should now be selected. Then ctrl-click on the element and choose “Capture Screenshot”.

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