CSS like styling

Do you ever thought about an css like state editor? So you have the base style of an button and the other states are build on that instead of are completely different styles?

So the primary button inherits the normal button state and I only need to change the background property. In the current solution it is has a limit what to do and I every have to remember to select all the other states to change something.

Glad to hear from you.

Chris, I think you can do that now by giving your button a class in the html input field and styling that class using an external style sheet. I played around with this as well and I seem to remember it worked quite well. Same basic question you are dealing with when using content editing on websites. Should I use the content editor for everything or should I use an external style sheet…
I do second the notion though. I would love to have a better css editor window with a content aware code editor, like visual studio…

we even started with a proof of concept and wanted to implement it. But since this is quite a big change, we continued with the old Antetype behaviour of complete separate states. But postponed it not abandoned.