Disable typing into the Group selection area of the Interaction Inspector

In the interaction Inspector there is an area where I can select the cell(s) or “Groups” I want my interactions to affect. Usually, this just displays the selected cells as groups, but for some reason, I can also type into this field. I have not yet discovered the benefit of this feature since I cannot type in the name of a cell and then have it selected in there. On the other hand, I often already had the correct cell selected in there, but after selecting it, it remained highlighted (either by default or because I selected it somehow). When I then pressed “R” to go back into interaction mode to test the newly created interaction, it instead overwrote the selected group with an “R”.
Unless there is a usecase that massively benefits from this behavior I would like to ask you to disabled this feature as it has no real benefit, but often causes me to manually reselect cells that I deleted by accident. Maybe it is already enough to disable this overwrite and only have selected cells removed by pressing backspace or del on the keyboard, but the question why I can type in there in the first place still remains.

Yes, there is undo, but I find that it sometimes does not work with changes made in the interaction inspector or causes a reload that sometimes takes longer than reselecting the cell.

you are right, our current way is far from ideal. We use a Token Field here which is basically a normal Text Field, but with the possibility to handle tokens. We tried to disable the normal typing but did not find a way to only suppress typing but allow handling of the tokens. But maybe it is worth another look, in case we overlooked something.

IIRC @dominic.lill and I experimented with allowing the user to type a cell-name and the token is created, but this only worked for very simple prototypes with unique names for cells.

Honestly, I can’t really imagine typing in a cell name since, as you pointed out, multiple instances of a widget will most likely have the same name and selecting the right one would be difficult. Is there no other possibility to display these tokens other than these Text fields?
I don’t really have any problems with the text itself, but rather that it tends to overwrite the token I manually selected. If that could at least be disabled (Having a token selected and then deleting it by pressing “R” for example) that would already be a big help.