Double-Click preventing Left-Click?

I there a way to prevent a left-click to be executed in the event that a double-click occurs? I have a menu that I don’t want to pen if I double-click a picker for line end markers.

no, we use click and dblclick events which

dblclick fires after two click events (and by extension, after two pairs of mousedown and mouseup events).

I guess the only way would be to execute the click event not immediately, but after the double click time passed and no other click-event came in.

I tried that by setting the click event to 100ms delay but to no avail.

This what I did:

sorry I wasn’t clear enough: With our current implementation (relying on “click” and “dblclick”-Events) it is only possible with JavaScript … The browser sends click / dbclick always. Using a delay does not help here, because the action will be executed anyway. I don’t know a quick workaround for this problem …

It’s fine. It’s good enough for now. Thanks!