"Dragging" cell causes undo state

If your cursor is moving slightly when clicking a cell, Antetype counts it as a move, even if no change is made.

I think this was true in past versions of Antetype, Web and Classic, but because clicking while moving caused a brief ghost drag (when live rearrangement was possible), it felt slightly more legitimate to create a history state. Was still annoying though, would like a fix either way.

I think you are right. We’ll look into it.

Any chance for a quick fix on this?

We are currently implementing the rearrangement on the canvas, so this will be done together. But it will take a bit until it is ready.

This is fixed with the reintroduction of drag to rearrange.


This is happening less, but it still does happen. I have shaky hands, so I admit this may just be a me problem, but it’d be nice if no change was made after a drag, it does not record a history state.

Does the History Inspector has an Entry “Nested x cells” or something different? I tried to reproduce, and get an entry if I drag a cell, move to another position and back to its original position (mouse up only in the last step).

You can see here when I perform an actual drag without changing the position, no change is recorded. But if I just click with a slight bit of momentum, it records a history state.

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Can reproduce, but doesn’t happen always. Really only seems to happen within the threshold when nothing is actually moved.

I’ve said this before, but it really does seem fixed now!

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