Edit in Illustrator is broken

This has been broken for a while. If I right-click an image (svg) in the Image Chooser and select Edit in > Adobe Illustrator, I get the SVG displayed in Illustrator and I can make my edits but when I save in Illustrator, Antetype freezes and more often than not (but not always), the entire image is corrupted and gets lost.

I would also expect the artboard name to be the same as the icon name (but I guess that is besides the point)

Yes, we already have it in the bug tracker. But in our tests it only happened when editing a more complex SVG. A simple icon worked. What SVG are you using?

It failed on this one. It is very simple. It is actually a sprite but the first six places are empty. I only use 4 and 8.

26x20-GenericView.svg.zip (1.0 KB)

…but the prototype is very complex. The header_include alone has 2433 lines. Not sure if this affects this type of operation.

Maybe… in a simple file it works for me.