Enqueuing another Viewer.css

I am only using the fullscreen function from the Viewer bar so I am hiding the viewer title bar and positioning the fullscreen button in the corner of my screen via CSS.
I am having to remember to swap the Viewer.CSS out every time so I would like to enqueue a CSS or enter the style overrides elsewhere. I have tried so far:

  • header_include
  • html inside a cell

but nothing seems to work.
Any pointers as to how I can permanently override the viewer header styles?

maybe its easier to use viewer.html directly and add a full-screen-button inside your prototype? index.html has the toolbar and shows the viewer.html inside an iframe.

Here a small example with one button to toggle fullscreen. Just open the viewer.html directly:
fullscreen.zip (364.1 KB)

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That was exactly the info I needed. THANKS!

@fizfaz how would I link to the viewer.html if I am using the Antetype Cloud?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this question. Appending viewer.html to the URL does not work. @arthur is it currently possible to not serve index.html but directly the viewer.html?

It is explicitly forbidden to access viewer.html via the current method for security reasons, sorry. Adding another access method for the viewer sounds like a good idea though.

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Reason for asking is: I can’t have the Viewer toolbar visible. My prototypes are application mockups and need to work fullscreen on a laptop, to be able to see the vertical space requirements of the design. So, nothing but the prototype proper must be visible. No additional chrome at all.