Export to Antetype viewer select current behaviour

I select the screens I want to export
I click on export to Antetype Viewer
→ Antetype selects just the first screen in the navigation panel. This doesn´t happen when I export to PNG
→ All screen have marked checkboxes
I click on select current
→ The first screen is marked with a checkbox, which is not the one I wanted to export. I have to manually select the ones to export. This is annoying :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

Wait it doesn´t happen now. I can´t reproduce this…

Exporting PNGs is handled differently than the web viewer export. Selecting the screens before executing the menu command has no effect. You are right that it is inconsistent and can be annoying. This is just a workaround currently, but doesn’t have a high priority for us.

Thanks for the answer. Pressing on “select current” should select current screens, though, in my opinion. Currently, the first screen is selected.