Feature proposal: Free layout should consider horizontal and vertical alignment options for growing/shrinking canvas

Hi porg,

welcome and thank you for your suggestion! If I understand your proposal correctly, you can achieve the behaviour with a little bit of nesting:

free-layout.zip (310.9 KB)

Here the screen has vertical box-layout with a header cell and a content cell. The content cell itself uses Free Layout, you can move the “another element”-cells freely around. If you now change the padding from the header cell, the other content moves automatically. Resizing the canvas currently resizes the content cell (I used horizontal/vertical-stretch resizing).

Would this help in your workflow, or do you need all elements on top-level?

Thanks for the response! My proposal would be for starting situations where all elements are on the root level of the canvas which is in free layout mode, because at this stage of the design I am sometimes still completely unstructured aka freestyle aka quick-n-dirty. And for this situation, the forementioned proposal for a canvas having an adaptable origin-point, would help. All major graphics (i.e. Photoshop) and DTP (i.e. InDesign) apps have a function for setting the origin/reference point when resizing canvas. Would be helpful in Antetype as well. If technically feasable, could imagine that this together with the breakpoint-system maybe not so easy. But maybe it is. Maybe worth an experimental build :wink:

:thinking: something like this:

free-layout-alignment.zip (282.6 KB)

I will discuss it with the team …

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Actually you do not need any new controls. Just their interactions/behavior would need to change.

Look at my initial screenshot > Inspector > section “Content”
If attribute “Layout” is set to “Free” (on the segmented control) then the segmented control near the attributes “Horizontal Alignment” and “Vertical Alignment” should not be inactive, but active. And what you set here IS the reference point of the canvas which is considered when you change the canvas size (“Width” and “Height” at section “Size”).

Minimalism at its best.

the prototype was more an excuse to “prototype” the behaviour in Antetype :smiley: . Do you think this should apply to all cells with free layout, or only the screen itself?

Ah ok, understood.

  1. First and foremost I thought about this feature on the canvas level. To mimic what most other graphic apps offer.
  2. BUT, as Antetype is such a clever sophisticated responsive design app with powerful nesting (I used it in a project circa 2012-2014, now evaluating the new web-app-based beta), it would ofc be tempting, to execute that principle down to every cell. But that would need further thought, because potentially this is a control cascade upwards and downwards. Could get very complex.

So maybe consider #1, which itself maybe is already tricky (think interplay with breakpoints or when using min-width/height). All the heavy lifting mental work is yours now. I only served the user need so far. (Feels nice to switch roles for once :wink: )

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