Feature request: fire action when scrolled to a certain point

On these headings with icons, I’d like them them to change state when they stick in place (aka when 70px from the top). The way the “Scroll” event is presented, I thought I could do it with that, but it seems like that’s for the scroll container itself scrolling by a certain amount.

You can also see my struggles with this bug in the video :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly I see two possibilities for your use-case. The scroll-event has to be defined on the container (since the scroll-event is fired by it), but you can select another cell as target and calculate the offset. (This only works if you know if the offset does not change):

or you use the Visible/Invisible in viewport on the cell above:

Here a little example (the first screen uses the scroll-event, the second the visible/invisible-event):

onscroll.atype.zip (183.0 KB)

Does this help?

Ah ha, the second technique worked perfectly for my needs. Thanks!