Feature request: first and last child styles

In the old Antetype, I would often rely on negative padding on a parent cell to ensure the first or last items in a container didn’t have margin or borders. Since negative padding is gone, some other way of doing this, such as CSS’s first and last child pseudo-classes, would be great. Of course, this feature would also just be generally useful in ways the negative padding was not.

Definitely. Unfortunately, negative padding is not possible with CSS (only negative margin). But you could use the custom CSS field to do things like that.

How would I add a pseudo-class using the custom CSS field? Seems like it only accepts styles, and the selector is the widget itself, so to speak.

Correct, but you could play with CSS grid to achieve the behaviour you need. Something like

display: grid;
grid-gap: 10px;

Hopefully we can add more native support for grid soon.