Feature request: indivisible components in web inspector

I love the new inspector in the web view! Really goes a long way toward curing my “Zeplin envy.”

Something that would really put it over the top for me would be to be able to specify a cell as “indivisible” when viewed in the inspector. That is, the inspector would just show it as a named block with no color, text, etc. information. Also, its children wouldn’t be selectable.

This is because I want engineers to be able to see what is a re-used component already defined in our code that they shouldn’t be recreating, and what is unique to a design. These indivisible blocks will often correspond to Antetype widgets, but not always.

Here is an example of how I currently annotate a mockup to call out components. It’d be great to have this all contained within the web view inspector.

Nice idea and it goes in line with our thoughts about using web components.

This is probably similar to my wish for reusable components or, in other words, running Antetype prototypes encapsulated inside another prototype. Very much seconded!