Feature request: inline text styles

I have long wanted the ability to apply reusable styles to portions of text the way one can in HTML or a desktop publishing app.

I just noticed that rich text is gone. I assume I can get around this with the HTML property, but we already needed better text formatting in the old Antetype and now with rich text gone we really need it

Agreed. You currently have to use html/css in the text field for inline styling.

We will provide something better soon.

This is becoming a major annoyance.

Rich text editing in the browser is unfortunately not really simple. As I see it we have two options:

  • re-add the rich-text as we had before (basically allow an arbitrary html for the text) for which we could simply re-use existing JavaScript-libraries for editing on the canvas.
  • Use a more strict approach where the user defines the styles and the editor only allows the styles defined by the user

The first one has the problem (like our old Rich-text-toggle) that all styling is inline and does not play well with the widget/states-concept or updating character/paragraph-styles through the whole project.

The second option will be more complex conceptual (how to define the styles, what do we allow here, the whole ui … ).

Would the first option help you, or would you need the “more advanced” version? Or do you have something different in mind?

Either would be better than nothing, but the second option would be best and allow for reusability and complex styles. Roughly envisioned, I could see it as a rich text object that treats whatever you put inside it as an inline span.

Would also prefer option 2 and allow for styling of selected text instead of the complete cell. We could use the same UI for both imho.