Feature request: screen auto-resize

I miss being able to set a screen’s height to shrink. If this is not possible with the new layout engine, having a “trim” function (that respected screen padding) would be great.

Screens do now behave just like websites. They scroll by default.

I’m not sure I understand your response; I’ll just reiterate I’m referring to the width and height of a screen. Here are screenshots comparing old Antetype to Web.

The difference is that screens now scroll like normal websites. In the old Antetype, they didn’t so we had to create very long screens. Now the screen should have the size of a browser or application window or device screen and the content either fits or scrolls.

Technically the screen is the body of a website.

Ah, I understand. For the purposes of exporting mockups as images (much more common for me than prototypes), a fit to content option is still very useful, though.

Ok, exporting is not very convenient with web technologies. We think the future is to just share prototpyes instead of static images. Of course we know that it is still needed.

The easist way is to open Live Peeview in eg. Firefox and take a full page screenshot.

Just to reiterate that a “fit screen to content” button would be helpful and save me a lot of tedium.

If you want to take a screenshot of the whole page, the easiest way is to open the live preview in Firefox and use “Take Screenshot” from the context menu.

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 13.21.14

Then “Save Full Page” in the upper right corner.

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 13.20.55

That’s inconvenient in general and especially If I’m exporting multiple screens. Maybe someday Antetype Cloud will have commenting, but until then exporting images is a big part of my workflow.

in your scenario: would an option in the “Export Screens as Graphic”-dialog be sufficient? If furthermore your screen is scrollable, maybe we could use scrollHeight to get the height of the screen and resize the off-screen-webview, we use for exploring, resize accordingly.

Yeah, that would work :+1:

we discussed it in the team and decided to tackle it together with other export-related issues. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Great to hear, thank you!