Feature requests: color inspector

  • Function to remove unused colors
  • Function to consolidate colors with the same hex
  • Function to replace colors when deleting
  • Ability to delete when a color is in use

Some sort of merging system or dialog when pasting between documents would be great too.

in the meantime a plugin which removes the unused colors: Remove unused colors.fscript.zip (787 Bytes)

only defined colors or overwritten ones (those with the “*” not showing in the color inspector too)?

I am not sure if I understand this. If you delete a used color the color is deleted and all properties using the color are now using an overwritten default color with the color value of the deleted color. What should happen?

  1. Thanks for the script!
  2. Originally I was thinking this would just be a way to clean up defined colors, but I can also see turning the replace colors script into a full on feature with selectors for colors instead of a text input. I think there’s a distinction between actually changing colors, and cleaning up the defined colors list, though, you know? Maybe those things could be combined into a single feature, but I’m not sure.
  3. Oh, I think my problem arose from using the context menu in the color inspector, not the popover palette. That context menu might need to be fixed, removed, or turned into visible buttons for its functions and maybe some of these new ones :wink:

I just discovered you can merge colors (I think) by dragging one one top of other in the color inspector. Kinda neat, but I was actually trying to rearrange them!

yes, this is the way to merge colors. See https://antetype.com/docs/antetype-webpreview/colors.html#_merge_colors