Feedback from a colleague

  • Can’t comment within, can’t share url for comment, so end up typing on the view marked “multiple benchmarks” up near the top or sharing my screen in a meeting, which means it is poorly documented.
  • At one point there was a new design and I couldn’t compare it to the old design…that is frustrating when there are things that you remember working better on one, but no longer have access to it
  • I have to remember the shortcuts to show the menu if, for whatever reason it went away (which happened a few times) or to reveal clickable items.

I think the second bullet could be addressed if versions could be accessed via public link

Would it be possible to let us manage versions? At least being able to delete versions (for example, sometimes you upload then realize there’s a typo—you don’t want to keep that as a version). And really nice would be to be able to add comments after upload.

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Thanks for sharing. Is your colleague designer or developer? The third point is clear. Would be better to make clickable areas more obvious. On the other hand, everything should be clickable :wink:

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Would definitely make sense to delete versions.

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Product manager