Finding the Download Button on your website

A colleague of mine just asked me, where he could find the download button on the website. So you have to register, go to your profile and then to the download section. You may want to place that more prominently, because new users who just want to try the software might not be willing to search long until they find it there. If the download is available from anywhere else, we didn’t find it.

You may also want to consider not forcing people to register before downloading the app (you can still start with a quick mail and password registration once they start the app and are more invested in trying it out. In my experience, forcing people to register to get something costs you many potentially interested users who will just not bother.)

Thanks for the feedback. The download button also appears on the welcome page and e-mail, but we also thought it should be more prominent.

The signup already is shrunken down to the minimum information needed to use the app and the cloud.
Name, E-Mail, Password + Company.

However, I see that it would be nice not to register at all. We had a lot of discussion about it and came to the conclusion that it is better to register and then have a free account that can be easily upgraded in the future (or kept free).

Sure not registering at all would be nice, but that is obviously not what you were going for. I was merely thinking that registering in the Antetype App directly once you downloaded it might be less of a hurdle or rather retain more users who want to try the app?
If I have to register to use a service I often close the site then and there. If I can download something and install it, I already invested some time and energy and might be more willing to put in the effort to register.
On the other hand this might create false expectations of being able to use the app right away and then getting blocked by registration. Registration screens have been studied and tested to death, but I couldn’t find any tests regarding download first vs registration first to be honest.

We will most likely offer both options. However, we will then probably only display a link to the registration page in Antetype.