First Update in 2021 with fixes and enhancements

We just released an update of Antetype. Here a brief list of the changes:

Release notes


  • “Export Screens as Graphic” now supports PDF generation (macOS ≥ 10.15)
  • Always show “Options” for export Screens-dialog
  • Changed the Keyboard shortcuts for add Action/Group/Event in the Interaction Inspector, “add action” did use the same shortcut as “Select all States” (#1116)
  • Enabled horizontal scrolling the screen inspector outline view (#577)

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Export Screens as Graphic sometimes did not work reliable (after the second use an error was shown…) (#1089)
  • Fixed a crash on Big Sur which happened after using “Edit > Replace” between different documents (#1102)

Thank you all for your support!